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I applied online. The process took 1+ week. I interviewed at H E B (San Antonio, TX) in July 2016.


Applied the night before, got a call the day after to schedule an interview, with a small, psuedo-phone interview beforehand (small screening questions). Scheduled for the following day, and was told to wait in the break room for the supervisor who was going to interview me, which was a little awkward. After a few minutes, I was called back for a one-on-one interview. Many of the questions used were standard fare. He then asked me if I had any questions, and seemed pleasantly surprised when I actually did. I asked "what will the training be like?", "what is the criteria for qualifying to be a full-time employee? (everyone starts off part-time)", "will I be needing any external certifications to use the equipment on this job?" etc.

After I had run out of questions, the interviewer gave me a "contingent job offer," the contingency being a background check. I filled out a form, handed it in to the proper personnel... and then waited. This process apparently tends to take a while for most everyone. Get ready to wait for a solid week, if not more, especially if you interviewed right before a weekend like I did.

After a week and several potential other interviews had passed, I started to grow a little nervous. I called into the store to see the status of the background check. Interestingly, it had just come through and I was "the first on the list to call" that day. From there, they schedule your first day, which involves reviewing company policy, setting up your payment method, and briefing you on the clock system.

Tips to potential interviewees: 1) ask questions, 2) try to remember names, 3) it's okay to call to ask for more information, 4) be sure all your information is correct, as this may cause background checks to take longer, 5) strong eye-contact, 6) review the questions but don't rehearse too much, and 7) RELAX.

Interview Questions

  • What are some of your strengths and opportunities (weaknesses)?   Answer Question
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?   Answer Question
  • What was one time you really went out of your way to help someone?   Answer Question
  • How would you deal with an angry customer?   Answer Question
H E B 2016-07-15 00:19 PDT

Overnight Stocker Resume Samples

Overnight Stockers restock shelves outside opening hours. Typical duties listed on an Overnight Stocker example resume are consulting inventory reports, unpacking merchandise, arranging items on shelves, updating activity records, taking safety precautions, collaborating with watchmen, and reporting to managers. Based on our collection of resumes for Overnight Stockers, essential qualifications include stamina, physical fitness, the ability to work at odd hours, teamwork, alertness, and problem-solving orientation. Most Overnight Stockers hold a high school or general education diploma.

Looking for job listings? Check out our Overnight Stocker Jobs page.


Overnight Stocker

  • Organized and arrange merchandize in store aisles and handle warehouse inventory
  • Facilitated grocery search by aiding customers to appropriate aisle
  • Improved time management skills at a self paced environment

Overnight Stocker

Downstacked and stocked pallets from truck to shelf, while helping any associates or customers in need.

  • Stocked shelves in a timely matter, became knowledgeable of my department quickly.
  • Kept my area clean and organized so the customer can quickly locate each item.
  • Was the leader in my department, making sure everything was done accurately and on time.

Overnight Stocker

  • Managing freight to be stocked in a timely manner
  • Ensure store is neat and clean the next morning
  • Greet all customer and assist them with finding store merchandise
  • Ensure all labels and tags matches to merchandise and maintain count of inventory levels at all times to maintain records of goods

Overnight Stocker

  • Stocked and replenished merchandise according to store merchandising layouts
  • Priced merchandise, stocker shelves and took inventory of supplies
  • Handled customer relations in a gracious manner and in accordance to company policies
  • Fostered positive work by treating all customers and employees with respect and consideration

Overnight Stocker

  • Restocked Shelves and maintain supply for the demand of customers.
  • Looked to ensure cleanliness of the store to make sure customers have an enjoyable and safe experience.
  • Kept with protocols put in place for environmental concerns.


  • Stock store shelves in a timely manner
  • Restock items each night and assist with multiple sections
  • Handle stock inventory and verify that it is accurate by rechecking it
  • Transport products to the sales floors with hydraulic pallet jack after sorting and ensuring that sufficient quantity has been delivered
  • Relocate any excess materials to appropriate storage areas
  • Assist co-workers and train new associates

Cashier/overnight Stocker

  • Unpacked boxes, placed items neatly on the shelves.
  • Zoned and cleaned our area.
  • Making sure customers have an easy and fast check out.


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