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AMITY SCHOOL OF DISTANCE LEARNINGPost Box No. 503, Sector-44Noida – 201303Managerial EconomicsAssignment BMarks 10Answer all questions.

1.What are the different methods of measuring national income? Which methods havebeen followed in India?2.What do you understand by the investment multiplier? In what way does it defend thepolicy of public works on the part of the state during business depression?3.Discuss the various phases of business cycle:(i)Are cyclical fluctuations necessary for economic growth?(ii)Suggest appropriate fiscal and monetary policies for depression.

4. Case Study

Please read the case study given below and answer questions given at the end.Electron Control, Inc., sells voltage regulators to other manufacturers, who then customize anddistribute the products to quality assurance labs for their sensitive test equipment. The yearlyvolume of output is 15,000 units. The selling price and cost per unit are shown below:Selling price$200Costs:Direct material$35Direct labor50Variable overhead25Variable selling expenses25Fixed selling expenses 15 150Unit profit before tax$ 50Management is evaluating the alternative of performing the necessary customizing to allowElectron Control to sell its output directly to Q/A labs for $275 per unit. Although no addedinvestment is required in productive facilities, additional processing costs are estimated as:Direct labor$25 per unitVariable overhead$15 per unitVariable selling expenses$10 per unitFixed selling expenses$100,000 per year Question :A.Calculate the incremental profit Electron Control would earn by customizing its instrumentsand marketing directly to end users.

AMITYSCHOOLOFDISTANCE LEARNINGPost Box No. 503, Sector-44Noida – 201303BUSINESS LAWSASSIGNMENT - AAnswer all questions.Marks 10Evaluation will be done for conciseness, relevance, illustrations and quotation of applicable law.1. Discuss the essential elements of a valid contract .2. What do you understand by the ‘doctrine of caveat emptor’? Explain.3. Explain in detail the “doctrines of Indoor Management” and “doctrine of constructive notice”4. Describe the kinds of Resolutions passed by the Board Directors under the companies Act, 1956.5. Define “goods”. Explain the conditions and warranties implied by law in a contract for sale of goods.Answer all questions.Marks 101. Enumerate the duties of an Arbitrator; Differentiate domestic and foreign awards.2. Nagendra issued a cheque in favour of Happy-home, a charitable institution, as his share of charitable3. Baiju, a singer, enters into a contract with Alok, the manager of a theatre, to sing at his theatre three nights in everyAnswer all questions.Marks 10(a) Creation of a trust under the Indian Trust Act(b) A promise to pay a time barred debt(c) Contracts for sale of immoveable property(d) Bill of exchange.BUSINESS LAWSASSIGNMENT – BBUSINESS LAWSASSIGNMENT –CTick Mark [ ] the correct Answer.and registered?1. Which of the following contracts, in order to be valid under the Indian Contract Act, 1872, must be in writing, stampedsubscription. The banker returned the cheque for the reason of insufficiency of funds in the drawer’s account.

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