Ell 240 Week 1 Assignment

CULTURAL DIVERSITY PRESENTATION 2 Cultural Diversity Presentation Our country consists of many different cultures so naturally a majority of our communities are culturally diverse. Culturally diverse families find education to be just as important as any other family. Unfortunately, these families may not always feel welcomed at their children’s schools to have any involvement. Teachers should try and connect with these families by increasing communication and involvement opportunity at school. Syrja (2011) noted that before there is a significant amount of parental attendance at school activities, parents must first feel welcome so, teachers should reach out to families (Pg. 82). This paper will provide a few activities in which teachers can use to increase family involvement at school. Holidays we celebrate night. This activity is targeted to get both students and families to be actively involved in learning about different holidays that different cultures within our own community celebrate. Since our community is made up of families from diverse cultures, there are various holidays and traditions that are celebrated. This school classroom activity encourages an understanding of the different winter holidays and traditions that families may have within our classroom and community. This activity will help culturally diverse families feel as they are accepted and a part of the school and community. This gathering will also benefit families that are not culturally diverse. According to Beach (2001), experiences in culturally diverse gatherings will serve to dispute any stereotyped beliefs once held and allow for more openness and acceptance of other cultures (Para. 13). This gathering will take place the first week in the month of December and will give families an opportunity to meet other families from their child’s classroom.

Earlier this year I got to work with the outstanding food journalist Chris Nuttall-Smith on the pilot for a new CBC podcast. It officially launched September 27, and I’m thrilled to see it out in the world (you can subscribe here).

It’s a nerdy, quirky deep dive into everyday food. I won’t try to do better than the description from the official website, which describes The Fridge Light as “an obsessive, fascinating journey through the hidden stories of the things we eat. Each episode chows down on one food phenomenon, revealing the unexpected cultural ingredients. Part science, part business, part psychology.”

I think it’s great, and I’m not just saying that because I helped produce it. Nuttall-Smith is a helluva fine journalist: curious, thorough and dogged, an expert in his field – and, on top of it, hilarious as hell off the cuff.

Listen to Episode 1 (Dark Meat/White Meat) or Episode 2 (One Word: Yeasts) and make sure to subscribe to hear future episodes.

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