Developmental Psychology Interview Assignment

PSYC 203: Developmental Psychology Interview Assignment Due Date: Monday, Nov. 11 th General Directions: Interview someone in late adulthood (age sixty-five and up). This may be a family member, friend, neighbor, teacher, etc. Ask general questions about their experiences during a particular phase of the lifespan (i.e., early childhood, middle childhood, adolescence, young/emerging adulthood, middle adulthood, or late adulthood) . It may benefit you to speak with the interviewee to see if he/she has a preference for which phase they discuss, so that you may prepare questions accordingly. The interview should last at least 30 minutes (or more). Paper (worth 80 points): Write a two-page (typed, 12-inch font, double-spaced) report including EACH of the following components: 1.) General information about the interview – This is to be a brief section (no more than one paragraph) discussing the descriptive methods involved in the interview (i.e., who, what, when, where, and how). Please DO NOT identify the interviewee by name, as he or she is to remain anonymous. Questions to consider : When did the interview take place? Where did the interview take place? How long did the interview last? How did I select this individual to interview? Did I know the interviewee previously? If yes, how did I know the interviewee? What is their current age? What phase of the lifespan did we discuss during the interview? 2.) Evaluation

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