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Non desk-bound jobs in Singapore



For those who have decided not to take on the full-time job route because you simply can’t stand sitting in the office for 8 hours straight, you’ll understand the struggle of not having a fixed income. Because your working hours are flexible, all the more you can take up more part-time jobs to supplement your existing income.

FastJobs offers a range of contract and part-time jobs that pay as high as $1,800! Check out 10 part-time jobs to call dibs on for when you’ve got some free time on your hands and could use some extra cash:


1. Freelance Band Facilitator (from $15/hour)



Image credit: @teammusicsg

Apart from teaching people with no musical background how to play basic musical instruments as a Freelance Band Facilitator, you’ll be hosting music-oriented team building activities too, which is why it’s important for band facilitators to always be full of energy and patient at the same time.

Before you apply, do note that you’ll have to undergo an audition. If you’re shortlisted, you’ll receive an 8-hour preliminary training, where they’ll teach you how to play a total of 6 musical instrument roles for 3 songs before you’re good to go.

Apply here.


2. Photography Associate (up to $1,800/month)



You’ll learn to take pro-quality pictures like this!

Image credit: Resorts World Sentosa

Outgoing folks with a passion for photography, being a Photography Associate at Digiphoto Entertainment Imaging is for you. From meeting people from all over the world, to ushering them to have their photos taken; this opportunity lets you learn new photography skills for free - so having zero experience in photography should be the least of your worries.

You’ll be working at tourist attractions like the Singapore Zoo, Adventure Cove Waterpark and even Marina Bay Sands. Plus, this job comes with medical benefits and your transportation fees will be covered as well.

Apply here.


3. Online Survey Respondent (up to $200/survey)



Earn cash and vouchers when you complete surveys on Panel Place

Image credit: Panel Place

We all die a little inside whenever we see someone approaching us with a clipboard at MRT stations because that can only mean one thing: SURVEYS. 

But unlike all the other surveys, signing up as an Online Survey Respondent with Panel Place gets you rewarded with shopping vouchers and actual cash. In case you might be wondering if this is a scam, you can take comfort in knowing that this site only gets reputable companies, like YouGov and Toluna, to take part in these surveys.

Apply here.


4. Personal Shopper (up to $15/hour)



Image credit: Lipstiq

When you're a Personal Shopper for Honestbee, you'll be remunerated for loading up a shopping cart and choosing only the finest products for customers. The great thing about this job is that you’ll have an option to choose from any 3-hour time slots between 9am - 9pm!

And here's another major plus point: you'll get to save on transport too as you can choose from multiple supermarkets depending on where you live - say goodbye to long rides to work!

Apply here.


5. Coffee Barista (from $1,700/month)



Image credit: Orient Design

Mayson Bakery is notable for their freshly baked pastries and local coffee. Try your hand at being a Coffee Barista here and not only will you be learning how to brew an authentic cuppa joe, but you’ll learn how to make a decent cup of teh as well. Who knows, you might just leave the place as a skilled teh tarik maker like those uncles in coffee shops.

Apply here.


6. Dog Cafe Team Member ($7/hour)



Image credit: @vanessa_jiayi

Meeting new people while being surrounded by a bunch of doggos at We Are The Furballs sounds like quite the dream job especially when you’re obsessed with these furry lil friends. Apart from manning Singapore’s first dog-petting cafe, you’ll be tasked with taking care of all the dogs’ welfare too - so before you apply, make sure you’re okay with having to clean up after the pups!

Note: Applicants will need to be proficient in both English and Mandarin

Apply here.


7. Hotel Bellman (from $8/hour)



Image credit: Far East Organization

Here’s one for all the social butterflies out there: if you love meeting new people and strive to look well put together on the daily, then perhaps being a Bellman at Shangri-La Hotel might just be the job for you.

You’ll be attending to guests’ needs by assisting them in carrying their luggage and delivering all mails to their respective rooms, which is why having a chirpy personality and being physically fit are essential for this job.

Although looking polished is one of the most important aspects of this job, stressing over your outfit for work should be the least of your worries as uniforms will be provided. Daily meals will be provided as well.

Note: Once you’re shortlisted, you’re required to follow the hotel’s grooming and uniform guidelines.

Apply here.


8. Mystery Shopper (up to $220/project)



If you’re known to be the observant one amongst your friends and you’re excellent at keeping things under wraps, you might wanna consider taking up a job as a Mystery Shopper in your spare time.

The job scope entails conducting shop visits and evaluating a client’s products and services - so you’re essentially getting paid to shop. How much you earn really depends on the project you’re being assigned to. If you’re lucky and you conduct yourself well, you might just draw a salary of $220/project.

Apply here.


9. Banquet Server (from $12/hour)



Image credit: AusTop

Many of us would have at least had some experience working part-time in the F&B industry just to occupy ourselves during the holidays. That being said, not all of us have a way of remembering and fulfilling all customers’ orders - which is why serving at banquets might be a better alternative for those who can relate.

Aside from serving food, being a Banquet Server will get you involved in setting the tables and utensils before guests arrive as well.

Here’s an added bonus: you can get your friends to work with you. And when they’ve clocked in a total of 30 hours in 2 weeks, you’ll receive a $20 referral bonus!

Apply here.


10. Freelance Outdoor Camp Instructor (from $180/project)



Frequently Asked Questions

What do mystery shops (evaluations) involve?
How long does each evaluation take?
How do I get paid?
How much do I get paid?
What qualities do GBW Mystery Shoppers require?
What resources do I need to be a Mystery Shopper?
How often will work be available?
How do I pick up work?
Will there be work available in my area?
How much work will I be expected to do?
How soon can I begin working for GBW?
How will I know what to do?
Can I be a Mystery Shopper if I work or study full-time?
Do I have to commit to a specific date and time to complete assignments?
How long do I have to report my evaluation results?
Should I keep my evaluation records?
Do I have to provide my Social Security Number? (US Shoppers only)

What do evaluations involve?
The typical process of doing a mystery shop (evaluation) involves:

1. Completing orientation and training modules to prepare you for your new role.
2. Searching for and picking up work online.
3. Downloading and reading your instructions.
4. Visiting the outlet and completing your evaluation.
5. Reporting your results to GBW within 8 hours.
6. Sending your receipt to GBW.

How long does each evaluation take?
The evaluation itself usually takes about 15 minutes. Before you do your evaluation you should allow ample time to read the assignment guidelines and instructions thoroughly and familiarize yourself with the scenario and questionnaire.

How do I get paid?
Payments for all markets are made via Electronic Funds Transfer to your bank account. However, you do not have to provide your bank account details during the application process. You can provide your bank account details once you're accepted as a Mystery Shopper.

How much do I get paid?
Payment varies depending on the assignment that you complete (and the country in which you live). Typically, a standard payment per assignment will fall in the following range:
USA/Canada:  $10 - $17
Australia/New Zealand:  $9 - $16
United Kingdom:  £6 - £19
Europe:  €9 - €16
Norway:  95 - 130 NOK
Sweden:  110 - 140 SEK
Denmark:  85 - 115 DEK
Japan:  770 – 4000 (Yen¥)
Korea:  7,000 - 28,000 (KRW)
Taiwan:  220 – 295 (TW$)
Singapore:  14 – 27 (SG$)
Malaysia:  17 – 43 (RM)
Hong Kong:  53 - 100 (HK$)

What qualities do GBW Mystery Shoppers require?
Our clients listen carefully when we share your experiences with them. That's why quality reporting is so important to GBW. To ensure quality, we seek Mystery Shoppers with the following skills and attributes:
  • Reliability - if you accept an assignment we expect that you will honour your agreement.
  • Ability to make discrete and objective observations. Remember, your identity is to remain a mystery when you do your evaluation. Never take your forms with you, and never reveal your identity!
  • Ability to follow instructions and accurately conduct evaluations. Our paperwork is detailed and the specific observations you'll need to make are outlined and explained clearly.
  • Ability to meet commitments and deadlines.
  • Ability to report responses in a timely and efficient manner. Our clients rely on this information and we're counting on you to get it through quickly.
  • Are readily contactable.
What resources do I need to be a Mystery Shopper?
1. Regular PC access to the Internet is essential. GBW utilizes an advanced online operational system to distribute work and accept results. All your transactions/needs will be conducted via this website.
2. An active email account. The majority of communication between GBW and our mystery shoppers occurs via email.
3. A printer to print out your paperwork.

How often will work be available?
Work is available on a continual basis. You will be able to search and select work at any time using our online facilities. You choose when and where you shop!

How do I pick up work?

That's the great part! Our advanced online self selection system (Job Search) allows you to search for work in your local area at any time. The system is built around your convenience. Log-on at any time to pick up work in your area. We'll also keep you fully informed when work is posted online. You'll receive regular email communications advising you when work becomes available.

Will there be work available in my area?

Most likely. We work with some of the world’s biggest brands. Our clients are national chains with locations scattered all throughout the country. Our reach extends from major metropolitan areas to some of the most remote destinations you could imagine. We're willing to bet that we've got something to offer you.

How much work will I be expected to do?

That's completely up to you. There's no minimum requirement. Our self selection system allows you to control your workload. Only work as often as you like. An experienced Mystery Shopper can perform up to 20 evaluations per month.

How soon can I join GBW?
Almost immediately. We'll need a little time to process your application. However, this shouldn't take longer than 24 hours. Upon acceptance you will be granted access to our system. This will allow you to begin searching for work immediately. Sign up now and you'll be getting paid to shop in no time.

How will I know what to do?
Our online orientation program will introduce you to your new role as a Mystery Shopper. Orientation is an online interactive learning program that teaches you how to be a Mystery Shopper. It simulates what you will need to do in an evaluation; it's like an online game! You'll run through a virtual evaluation, play observation games and complete short quizzes. We also have client specific training modules where appropriate.

Can I be a Mystery Shopper if I work or study full-time?
Yes, definitely. Mystery shopping work is casual in nature. Many assignments can be performed during your lunch hour, in the evening, or on weekends. You choose assignments that are convenient for you.

Do I have to commit to a specific date and time to complete assignments?
Typically clients require evaluations to take place on specific days and at specific times. So you need to plan carefully before committing to a date/time. Reliable and proven mystery shoppers will be rewarded with priority access to special assignments. Unreliable Mystery Shoppers are often removed from our database.

How long do I have to report my evaluation results?
All results must be reported online within 8 hours of completing an assignment. Your speedy response allows us to process the data and report to our client quickly. If you fail to contact us within this specified time we reserve will need to assign the job to another Mystery Shopper and classify your job as invalid. If you do not complete your work on time, unfortunately you will not be paid.

Should I keep my evaluation records?
Yes. GBW regularly performs quality and validation checks. Please keep your evaluation records for at least 6 months to assist us with these processes.

Do I have to provide my Social Security Number? (US Shoppers only)
Not at this point. You will be required to provide your Social Security Number if you earn more than $600 per year. This information can be entered within your personal profile screen once you are registered. Of course, a secure environment is provided for the transmission of this information.

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